Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Banner

Shout out to Jacqueline (@jnewin10) for designing a new banner for Casual TVB! She even made sure to include all of my favourite historical dramas! Jacqueline has been a big supporter of Casual TVB from the very beginning. Check out her blog at HKoreanDramaIsland

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Overview - Come With Me

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear." Throughout the ages, it is common for men and women to make love. But for the newly-married social worker Eddie Cheung and sex therapist Sharon Chan, it is difficult. Although they have the professional knowledge to help others, they live under the same roof with multiple generations of their family. Their sex life has suffered, but it is hard to talk about. It turns out that other couples, including the germophobe geek Elena Kong and crude, middle-aged Louis Yuen, the May-December pair of Benz Hui and May Chan, and even teacher Sammy Sum and sex addict Grace Wong, each have different strange secrets in the bedroom. How can these macho men and virtuous ladies break the taboo and start a ground-shaking revolution for love?

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Come With Me Theme Song

The theme song for Come With Me is "Speak" (講), by Stephanie Ho, Louis Yuen, Sharon Chan, Ronald Law, Grace Wong and Hoffman Cheng.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

TVB Anniversary Awards 2017 Nomination List

This year's TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on January 21. The nomination list for 4 awards have been released so far.

Best Actor
Tony Hung (Recipes to Live By)
Wayne Lai (May Fortune Smile on You)
Ben Wong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Gallen Lo (Provocateur)
Eddie Cheung (The No-No Girl)
Frankie Lam (My Unfair Lady)
Vincent Wong (Legal Mavericks)
Raymond Cho (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Edwin Siu (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
Chris Lai (The Tofu War)
Pakho Chau (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Michael Miu (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Roger Kwok (Oh My Grad)
Kenneth Ma (The Exorcist's Meter)
Bobby Au-Yeung (My Ages Apart)
Moses Chan (My Ages Apart)
Ha Yu (Heart of Greed 3)
Bosco Wong (Heart of Greed 3)

Best Actress
Rosina Lam (Burning Hands)
Sharon Chan (Tiger Mom Blues)
Elena Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere)
Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)
Adia Chan (The No-No Girl)
Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)
Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady)
Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks)
Nina Paw (The Unholy Alliance)
Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)
Nancy Sit (The Tofu War)
Roxanne Tong (The Tofu War)
Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Mandy Wong (Nothing Special Force)
Ali Lee (My Ages Apart)
Louise Lee (Heart of Greed 3)
Susanna Kwan (Heart of Greed 3)
Michelle Yim (Heart of Greed 3)
Eliza Sam (Heart of Greed 3)

Best Supporting Actress
Stephanie Ho (Recipes to Live By)
Kaman Kong (Tiger Mom Blues)
Mandy Lam (Come Home Love: Lo and Behold)
Joyce Tang (Come Home Love: Lo and Behold)
Kelly Fu (Married But Available)
Vivien Yeo (My Dearly Sinful Mind)
Eileen Yeow (The No-No Girl)
Samantha Ko (My Unfair Lady)
Zoie Tam (My Unfair Lady)
Toby Chan (Legal Mavericks)
Tracy Chu (Legal Mavericks)
Rebecca Zhu (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Grace Wong (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Harriet Yeung (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Elena Kong (The Unholy Alliance)
Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)
Alice Chan (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Susan Tse (The Exorcist's Meter)
Katy Kung (My Ages Apart)
Sharon Chan (Heart of Greed 3)

Best Supporting Actor
Hugo Ng (Burning Hands)
Matthew Ho (Tiger Mom Blues)
King Kong (Destination Nowhere)
James Ng (Destination Nowhere)
Mark Ma (Come Home Love: Lo and Behold)
Fred Cheng (Provocateur)
Matt Yeung (My Dearly Sinful Mind)
Max Cheung (My Unfair Lady)
Chris Lai (My Unfair Lady)
Andrew Yuen (My Unfair Lady)
Owen Cheung (Legal Mavericks)
Timothy Cheng (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
John Chiang (A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch)
Jimmy Au (The Unholy Alliance)
Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
Samuel Kwok (The Unholy Alliance)
Carlo Ng (The Unholy Alliance)
Benz Hui (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Brian Tse (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Kenny Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Ram Chiang (The Exorcist's Meter)
Anthony Ho (The Exorcist's Meter)
Hugo Wong (The Exorcist's Meter)
Hubert Wu (The Exorcist's Meter)
Louis Yuen (Heart of Greed 3)