Friday, October 20, 2017

The Police Career of Michael Miu

Michael Miu joins the police force after graduating from high school and is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department. He proves to be a brilliant detective and solves many cases, but eventually quits to run his own detective agency. (Into Thin Air).

After several years, Michael decides to return to the police force as an instructor at the Police Training School. One of the cadets is Officer Ron Ng. (The Academy)

Next, Michael oversees a massive undercover operation in a mission to take down the triads (movie Wo Hu)

Following the mission, Michael is promoted to Senior Inspector. He collaborates with Foon Hei Gor during a hostage situation. (movie McDull, The Alumni)

Afterwards, Michael rejoins the Criminal Investigation Department and leads the A-team (Gun Metal Grey)

Image result for 苗僑偉 刑警

He transfers to the Narcotics Bureau and works under Ben Sir. (Highs and Lows)

At the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Michael twice has to go on a mission to search for missing undercover agents. He comes into contact with Foon Hei Gor again, who has now defected to the triads. Michael is promoted to Chief Inspector and later, to Superintendent. (Line Walker and Line Walker: The Prelude)

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Michael announced that he will be joining the Special Duties Unit. (Flying Tigers)

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Miriam Yeung & Real Ting - Parallel

Miriam Yeung and her husband Real Ting collaborate for the first time to record the theme song for the Chinese drama Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors. The song is entitled "Parallel" (平行). Real's cousin, Allan Ting, stars in the drama.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Oh My Grad Theme Song

Mag Lam sings the theme song for Oh My Grad, entitled "After Graduation" (畢業之後).

Overview - Oh My Grad

The school established by Wu Fung and Helena Law is a low requirement, low tuition institution that has quietly cultivated teachers. Faced with an academic fraud scandal and financial crisis, they urgently call on their sons, Roger Kwok and Bob Lam, to save the school. Roger serves as the school's principal, while Bob serves as a member of the school council, but the brothers' philosophies towards education are polar opposites. To avoid adding to the mess, they hire public relations specialist Ada Choi to fix the situation. Roger, who lacks managerial experience, is unhappy with Ada's profit-oriented methods. But not only does Ada ignore him, she gets stronger as she goes, as she is directed by the school management committee to help wealthy heir Babyjohn Choi graduate. However, Babyjohn does not care about studying and instead, becomes involved in a love triangle with Thai-Chinese student Eliza Sam and mahjong expert Mag Lam. Meanwhile, Mag's arch-nemeses, May Chan and Momo Wu, spread rumours that Mag is in a May-December relationship with fellow classmate Ram Chiang. In addition, there is the gangster Louis Cheung and the secretive Wong Cho Lam. The school is finally forced to the brink by these extraordinary students...

This series should be called "Oh My God (why was this ever made?)"